May 14, 2009:
DOE Awards Illinois' Scientists $1.5 Million for Next Generation Nuclear Plant Research


Oxygen Sensors in Lead-Bismuth Eutectic

Investigators: Xiaoxiang Chen

Accelerator-Driven system (ADS) will be used in energy product and destruction of actinides by transmutation. Lead and Lead-Bismuth (Pb-Bi) alloys are considered as both the spallation target material and coolant for the accelerator driven system (ADS). However, pure lead and Pb-Bi have a high corrosivity against austentic and Ferritic steels, because of stable oxide scales on the steel surface. Control of oxygen in lead or Pb-Bi within a defined activity range can lead to acceptable corrosion. The research focus on:

1) Characteristics of Yttrium-stabilized zirconium-oxide  oxygen sensors.
2) Controlling of the oxygen in Lead Bismuth liquid.
3) Corrosion of steel in Lead Bismuth liquid.